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My name is Jason Unger and I am running for the Boulder Valley School District School Board. With a lifetime of work helping to improve public education, I have the experience, qualifications, and preparation to help make BVSD better for all of our kids. I am a:

  • Dad of three kids – with kids in BVSD until 2039!
  • Member and former chair, School Accountability Committee at Creekside Elementary
  • Former 4th and 5th grade bilingual teacher in Compton, CA, awarded the 2001 National Elementary Teacher of the Year
  • Former school administrator at a school for students with disabilities in the Boston Public School system 
  • Education policy advisor to former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) for more than a decade, where I drafted and helped pass dozens of bills to improve K-12, early education, and higher education
  • Member, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
  • Currently, working to advise and assist non-profits and foundations on federal education policy, including developing strategies for state legislators and school boards on how to respond to anti-equity legislation around the country

"The best and hardest job I’ve ever had”

On my first day teaching, I walked into a crumbling building, a class of 40 kids with 20 desks, no textbooks, and most of the students reading several years behind their grade level, if at all. But teaching that year, and the following three years I taught in Compton – in both fourth and fifth grade – was the best and hardest job I’ve ever had.


I have spent my adult life and career working to help ensure that all kids receive a good education. I grew up in southern California and was raised by a single mom who taught my sister and me the importance of a good education. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Economics and Political Science, I began teaching 4th grade at Clarence A. Dickison Elementary School in Compton, California. On my first day teaching, I walked into a crumbling building, a class of 40 kids with 20 desks, no textbooks, and most of the students reading several years behind, if at all. But teaching that year, and the following three years I taught in Compton – in both fourth and fifth grade – was the best and hardest job I’ve ever had. For my work and the achievements of my students, I was awarded the 2001 National Disney Elementary Teacher of the Year.  

Seeing the neglect, the lack of resources and opportunities, and the huge disparities between the great public education I received and what kids in Compton experienced, transformed my life and led me to want to work to improve education for all kids. Instead of going to law school, as I had planned, I went to graduate school at Harvard, where I received a Master’s degree in Public Policy and Education. While in school, I also pursued an administrative credential and worked in the Boston Public Schools learning from, assisting, and sharing responsibilities with a remarkable principal of a unique elementary school for children with disabilities in South Boston. The school was the first in Boston to fully integrate special needs students into a general education classroom.

From Boston, I moved to Washington, DC and started in the office of the former U.S. Senate Majority and Minority Leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, working on a number of policy issues, but primarily on education. I gained a deep understanding of federal policy and helped draft and pass a number of key education bills, including legislation updating and expanding Head Start programs, the reauthorization of the then-No Child Left Behind Act, and bills to expand federal student aid, including historic increases in the Pell Grant and loan forgiveness for public school teachers.

After nearly a dozen years working in the Senate, my brilliant and talented wife, Karin, and I decided to move back to the west, to be closer to our families and raise our kids in a smaller community. We landed in Boulder in 2017, where Karin went to part of high school and college, and started building a new life here. The job I am most proud of is being a dad. Karin and I have three children, including a first and fourth grader at Creekside Elementary. Our third child is only two, but will keep us active and involved in the district until 2039!

After leaving the Senate, I founded Baseline Strategies to help non-profit and socially-responsible organizations develop and advance policy at the state and federal level. Among the highlights of my work has been working with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Education Law Center to develop strategies to help stop the spread of school voucher programs in states and helping to develop and lead a coalition of education and civil rights groups to address and get ahead of anti-equity legislation and proposals being introduced in school boards and state legislatures around the country. I am so grateful to be able to continue to work on important and impactful issues in education and stay involved in federal policy and legislation.

I have also served on the School Accountability Committee at Creekside since 2019, acting as Chair of the committee last school year. Through that work, I have been part of important conversations around school enrollment trends, assessment and culture data, and the new statewide early childhood education program. In 2020, I was also appointed by the Boulder City Council to a five-year term on the city’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, working with the department to build and maintain wonderful parks and community spaces across the city.

With four of the seven seats on the board open this fall, it is critical that we elect board members who have experience and are prepared for the challenging issues ahead. As a dad, a former teacher, and someone who has spent most of his professional life championing public education and working to help ensure that all kids get a good education, I believe I can help BVSD remain a strong district, continue the work to improve student achievement, and ensure that ALL students feel safe and welcome in our schools. I am excited for the opportunity to serve the Boulder Valley School District!

With my former boss of a dozen years, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
My family
photo of Jason's campaign manager
On the campaign trail with my campaign manager

Read more about my experience and campaign in the Daily Camera and Broomfield Enterprise.

My Priorities​

BVSD is a great district and we are fortunate to have so many wonderful schools, teachers, and staff. But, I believe there are areas where we can do better as a district, and I will work to:

  • Keep our kids safe and build inclusive and welcoming school communities for all kids;
  • Address long-term challenges such as declining enrollment and potential budget cuts in a transparent and responsible way – and ensuring our priority is always what is best for students across the district;
  • Challenge and expand opportunities for all of our students and better prepare them for the future – whether that is college or a career.
  • Close the opportunity and achievement gaps for our most disadvantaged students;
  • Build more partnerships in our community – with higher education, civic leaders, local businesses and nonprofits.
Some of my former students

My Supporters

Boulder Valley Education Association, representing 1,500 plus teachers across the district
Colorado Education Association, representing 39,000 teachers, education support professionals, students, and retired educators across the state
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Moms Demand Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction

Current* & Former BVSD School Board Presidents


Kathy Gebhardt
Laurie Albright
Sam Fuqua
Jim Reed
Helayne Jones
Stan Garnett, former Boulder County District Attorney, 
Julie Phillips
Ken Roberge
Linda Shoemaker

Jennie Belval, former Member, BVSD Board of Education

Steve Fenberg, President, Colorado State Senate

Matt Benjamin, Member, Boulder City Council

Tara Winer, Member, Boulder City Council

Mark Wallach, Member, Boulder City Council

Sam Weaver, former Mayor, City of Boulder

Crystal Gray, former Deputy Mayor, City of Boulder and Member, Boulder City Council
Kevin Jacobs, former Member, Broomfield City Council and former BVSD DAC Representative
Cindy Carlisle, former Member Boulder City Council and former CU Regent
Andrew Shoemaker, former Member, Boulder City Council and Lisa Shoemaker
Allyn Feinberg, former Member, Boulder City Council
Lisa Morzel, former Member, Boulder City Council

Cindy Carlisle, former Member Boulder City Council and former CU Regent

Elliott Hood, Candidate, CU Board of Regents

Jill Oliver, former Chair, Summit Middle School Board

Chris Haynes, PhD, Chair, BVSD District Accountability Committee (DAC)

Scott McCarey, Chair, Creekside Elementary School Accountability Committee (SAC)

Raj Seymour, President, Whittier Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA), former Chair, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Cori Shaff, Chair, Kohl Elementary SAC

Donna Patterson, former Teacher, Aurora 7 and Eisenhower Elementary Schools

Polly Fields, Co-Chair, Atlas Institute at the University of Colorado; former Co-Chair, Flatirons PTO, current Member, Flatirons SAC

Ross Wehner, Founder, World Leadership School

Dee Perry, former Board Member, Boulder Community Hospital and the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County

Alli Fronzaglia, former Vice Chair, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Chuck Brock, Chair, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Mark McIntyre, Member, Boulder Planning Board, former Member, Boulder Transportation Advisory Board

Landon Mascareñaz, Chair, Colorado State Board for Community Colleges & Occupational Education

Dr. Andie Kutinsky, President-Elect, University Women’s Club at CU-Boulder

Garret Savage, Member, BVSD DAC, former President Foothill Elementary PTO

Felicia Gorman, Member, BVSD DAC and Member, Flatirons Elementary PTO

Joy Silvern, former Education Advisor, Senator Michael Bennet

Jessi Friesen, former President, Creekside Elementary PTO

Jessalyn Kennedy, President, Flatirons Elementary PTO

Stephanie Watson, President, Foothill Elementary PTO

William Hamilton, President, Foothill Elementary PTO

Mary Scott, former Member, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Lindsay Gilchrist, Candidate, Colorado House District 8

Dean Vlachos, former Candidate, BVSD Board of Education

Gavin McMillan, Vice Chair, Boulder County Planning Board

Morgan McMillan, President, Boulder County Board of Health and former Vice Chair, The Community Foundation

Sunny van der Star, Member, Mesa Elementary PTO, Member, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board 

Haylie Lott, former President, Foothill Elementary PTO

Pam Yugar, former Chair, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Anita Speirs, Member, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board 

Karen Hollweg, former Member, Boulder Open Space Board of Trustees

Kelly Wyatt, former Board Member, Impact on Education; former Member, Boulder Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, former Board Member, PLAY Boulder Foundation

Suzanne Stoller, Member, BVSD District Parent Council

Jessica Benjamin, Owner, Savor Productions

Waylon Lewis, Candidate, Boulder City Council

Terri Brncic, Candidate, Boulder City Council

John E. Johnson, Co-Owner, Photon Brothers

Cindy Sepucha, Boulder County YWCA Board

Fran Ryan, former Chair, Impact on Education 

Grace Koo,  Member, Boulder Community Health Board

Marsha Vigil, BVSD Alumni

David Wilkinson

Parker Fuller-Rowell

Bob Morehouse

Amy Wiegand

Lindsay and Bob Ternes

Mike Friesen

Lindsey Terry

April Moore Radoff and Josh Radoff

Kika Tuff

Debra Regan and Paul Wasinger

Lisa and Cam Coburn

Nancy Kornblum

Bill Dennler

Dawn and Giang Chau

Jen and Matt Haies

Courtney Cuff and Jessica Newman

Pam and Natty Zola

Allison and Richardo Forrer

Dia Sokol Savage

Mary Pettigrew

Hillary Rosner and Phillip Higgs

Beth Fleming

Sally Hatcher

Wendy Peters Moschetti and Morgan Moschetti

Judy Nogg

Beth Hartman and Nadav Enbar

Debra Regan

Joshua Campbell

Matt Fedick

Sue Cable

Thomas Blue

Jeff Sparhawk

Lexi Ruskin and Matt Roling

Dan Olson

Chris Myatt

Reed Harwood

Courtney Merlin

Lindsey Cynoski

Natalie Pigilacampo

Jess Hunt

Kelley Boyd

Megan Richer

Kate and Chris Geer

Becky Crabtree

Kate and Jeremy Lynn

Erin and Wyatt Duncan

Jill Dupre

Leila Behnampour

Chuck Bird

Jeff Sparhawk

Laurie Keith

Andy and Jodi Sklawer

Sara Mitton

Marcia and Justin Segall

Jim Butterworth

Steven Aronowitz

Hollis Kline

Pamela Harvey

Leigh Corson

Melanie Banders

Leslie Caldwell 

Jenny Honeycutt

James and Ranmali Bopitiya Woody

Brooke Harrison

Jackie W Jimmerson

Hemen Mehta

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